Putting Fibromyalgia in it’s Box!

I’ve had fibromyalgia for about 10 years, which I’ve thankfully found manageable in between flare-ups. When these happen, it is a miserable experience: heightened sensitivity to pain, brain fog affecting all mental processes and emotions, aches and pains all over the body, sleeplessness, intolerance to loud noises and bright lights, exhaustion. ‘Traditional’ medicine can offer nothing more than pain relief and sleeping pills. Last year, following another nasty flare, I was enrolled by my GP on a coping skills course at Bath Hospital, and after completing it I refused to believe that there was nothing more to be done. No way was fibromyalgia going to dictate my life! By word of mouth I found Amanda and so began my introduction to the wonder that is bioresonance. Amanda identified that my fibro is a result of my carrying the Epstein Barr virus, and she assured me that bioresonance would put it firmly back in its box. From that moment I have pictured fibromyalgia as a tentacled monster that lives in a large chest, which can be kept closed by my taking responsibility for my wellbeing. Within just a few months I could feel that the regular treatments and following Amanda’s dietary recommendations were having a positive effect – my symptoms were all but gone! There was a bit of a backward slide when I stopped paying attention to my diet (I’m a lazy cook and a bit of a sugar addict), but I am grateful for that slide because it really drove home to me how important it is that it taught me once and for all that home cooked food and cutting right back on sugary things is the way to go. The affects of the lockdown due to Covid at the beginning of 2020 also put me under stress and I could feel a tentacle of that monster slithering out of the box to have a feel around, testing if conditions were such that it could take hold of me again. A bioresonance session early September soon sorted that out! I will continue to see Amanda regularly because, with her help and guidance, I am managing the condition so well. So well, in fact, that I am symptom-free 99% of the time! As a bonus, each visit gives me a complete overview of how my body is functioning and I am confident that anything, whether fibromyalgia related or something else, will be swiftly and efficiently dealt with. I cannot praise Amanda and bioresonance highly enough, it has given me my life back.