Change for the better

I had suffered from an all-too-common misconception – that is, that the encroachment of ‘middle-age’ meant I would put on weight and lose my figure. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this (false) belief was leading me to lose focus on maintaining a natural and necessary balance between diet and exercise. Once Amanda had ‘tuned me in’ to my unhelpful thought patterns, my interest in what I ate re-established itself, as did my appreciation of my own wellbeing, and I re-discovered the buzz of regular exercise. Losing weight and getting fit seemed to happen as a side-effect of my fresh awareness, and came very easily. Having lost around 18ibs during the last 12 months without anything I would seriously call ‘effort’, I would say I’m now healthier, happier and fitter than at any other time in my life. Thank you Amanda, for helping me to allow myself to change for the better!