Newglen Luca Champion Shetland Stallion

Newglen Luca, our prize winning Shetland Stallion went lame and despite treatment by our vet and farrier remained lame for over a year. We had tried many treatments but to no avail. Luca remained lame, in constant pain and we were considering the remaining options for him. He looked miserable and hung his head, keeping movement to a minimum.

Amanda lived in a cottage beside his field and came over to see us to offer her services with bioresonance therapy. We had never heard of it before but we had run out of ideas so agreed to give it a go. She started treating Luca at the beginning of June 2018.

Amanda tested him using her device in the field and Luca soon became relaxed and accustomed to his therapy. At the start of his treatment he was unable to put weight on his affected leg. In the following months he started to improve as Amanda continued his treatment detecting the main imbalances in his neck vertebrae and shoulder. We knew we had a breakthrough when in sheer exuberance after one of his sessions he had a buck, which meant he was able to put his weight on his forelegs with comfort. After six months he was no longer lame and decided he had had enough treatment!

Now over a year later Luca is still sound, fulfilling his potential and running with the mares. We are forever grateful to Amanda for her help and helping Luca to live his life pain free and happy.