Grave’s Disease

I became ill around November 2017. My symptoms were:

  • intolerance to heat
  • heart palpitations
  • double vision
  • chronic fatigue
  • hand tremors

I went to the doctor, had some blood tests etc and was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. This results in an overactive thyroid and if untreated, can lead to a heart attack. I was put on medication at various levels and for 1.5 years I was monitored by an endocrinologist. In the summer of 2019, I was advised to come off the medication, and was told there was a 50% chance of my symptoms coming back. Sadly, within approximately 3 weeks, my symptoms did return, only worse. I couldn’t get through one day without sleeping and feeling exhausted. No matter how long I rested, I never woke refreshed, it was so debilitating. I was put back on the medication and monitored until my endocrinologist retired. I was then told to take myself off the medication when I was ready, and if symptoms returned I should go back to the doctor and get referred to another endocrinologist.
Thankfully, a lovely friend, who is a nurse, gave me a voucher for my birthday for a bio resonance session with Amanda Gwynne, and this was the turning point for me.

I first saw Amanda in September 2019, who started to treat me regularly. Not only that, but Amanda gave me invaluable advise to follow, such as:

  • supplements to take
  • foods to cut out
  • foods that would help my recovery
  • reading material to help me
  • detoxification measures to take

Each week I followed her advice, slowly implementing more and more changes into my diet and behaviour, whilst continuing to be treated.
After five months, I can honestly say I have not felt this good in years! My thyroid is now back in balance, and the many imbalances/issues found in my body have now been corrected. I am nearly totally off my medication, am eating healthily, sleeping well, have the energy to get back into my exercise regime and have lost nearly a stone.

A huge heartfelt thank you to Amanda for all her kindness, passion to help me and treatment. You have helped me get my life back, and I am so grateful.