Allergy to Dogs

In my own case, Amanda’s combination of hypno-therapy and bioresonance has been complementary in two senses. First, in that it has addressed crucial problems, such as insomnia, or anxiety, which have been blocking the beneficial effects of more mainstream drug therapies–in my case, steroids for very bad psoriasis–and so has allowed those conventional therapies to act more quickly, and therefore cut down their use! But it’s also complementary in that the treatments run in parallel. The Bio-resonance is almost like a bonus. If you already find hypnotherapy beneficial, as I did, then adding in the bio-resonance treatment can enhance the overall benefit. In my case, for example, it demonstrated to me that I had become acutely allergic to dogs, while also helping me to tolerate their presence.’ I hope that’s useful for you! Many thanks indeed for helping me to get to this much more balanced state. I’ll be calling on your services again if there’s any backsliding!