Venus is a 14yr old sports horse, I have had her since a 5yr old although she has been on loan to my best friend for about 5yrs now. She is the best most talented lovely horse I have ever had and has always been loved and well cared for.
However she has always had a cough at the start of exercise and what sometimes looks like laboured breathing, this got worse when she moved to my friends and over the yrs has got progressively worse especially in the summer months when she had started to become really distressed with very laboured breathing which would then last all summer only getting relief in the winter months.
She had been seen by 4 vets and many others equine practitioners and we never got to the bottom of it.
This yr my friend and I decided to really pull out all the stops and do multiple tests and try and get to the bottom of it and if we couldn’t we had agreed to put her down. Which is an incredibly hard decision as she really is the loveliest horse but this seemed to be the kindest option as she was getting so distressed and it lasted for months.
I found Amanda on a google search, spoke to her and sent off saliva and hair samples. The feed back was very much about Venus emotional state as well as physically. Amanda sent her treatment protocol about 6 weeks ago. I went to see my friend and Venus about 2 weeks ago and could not believe the difference.
She was really chilled and much more united with her 3 field friends, in that the whole herd dynamic was much more accepting of her. My friend called the other day and said she had had a good old gallop and buck around the field and there was NO cough. This has happened a few times now and so we are hopeful this is the right path. Of course time will tell when we get to the summer months but all looks really good so far.
Thank you Amanda for such an accurate analysis of the problem we will keep working with you.