Lyme Disease


Lyme disease testing and harmonisation


Lyme disease is an acute inflammatory disease caused by a tick borne spirochete, which is commonly known as Borrelia Burgdorferi, amongst others. However, it is far from a simple infectious disease that can be treated in a way similar to other infectious diseases.  Lyme disease is a complex condition with a combination of various co-infections such as Borrelia; Babesia; Bartonella and Anaplasmae to name but a few of the organisms affecting many organs and systems within the body.

The Lyme disease protocol includes testing using bioresonance for many of the strains and co-infections, plus parasites, mould, environmental  toxins and heavy metals.  Particular attention is given to testing and supporting all areas of the immune system, detoxification, and specific symptoms experienced by individual clients. The imbalances detected are harmonised into blank homeopathic tablets for ongoing treatment and an individual treatment plan is suggested including dietary and lifestyle changes to support healing by the body.