Animal Therapy – Horses


Bioresonace Therapy for Horses and Donkeys



Bio-resonance therapy is a gentle, safe and non-invasive therapy which makes it an ideal therapy for animals. Animals appear to be very receptive to testing, and therapy for many conditions including food intolerances, and allergens. My love of horses as a child has led me to work with horses and donkeys.  My aim is to help horse owners, and veterinary surgeons relieve symptoms, and facilitate the body to heal imbalances. This is achieved by testing for and treating the underlying cause of their ailments using Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt. Animal Testing and Harmonisation Procedure: Testing using passive radiesthesia is painless and accurate with bio-resonance devices. Testing can be carried out to detect whether your pet has any food or substance intolerance using samples of suspected allergens. Many systems of the body and immune system may also be under stress, and having a negative effect on your pet’s physical and emotional well-being. The aim of therapy involves harmonising any imbalances detected on testing, with the healthy frequency spectra, thereby facilitating homeostasis (balance) within the cells, and natural healing within the body.

An animal cannot imagine the success of a treatment! As such, the successful treatment of animals using Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt can be regarded as an important element within the scientific proof of the effectiveness of the treatment. This statement is underlined by scientific studies that validate the effectiveness of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in the veterinary sector. The most important treatise on this subject is without doubt Gina Alberts’ bachelor study into the treatment of horses using Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt conducted at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

The RAH-Vet analysis and harmonisation system provides an extensive frequency spectrum to the organism. The frequencies are applied as a frequency spectrum, in an alternating way to the animal every 30 seconds. How does this benefit your animal? It means treatment times are shorter and more effective. The new RAH Vet consists of organ physiology, as well as a range of specific disorders and diseases to test and treat for cats, dogs, and horses. Another testing option is analysis or feed and drinking water, as this is a very important component for successful therapy.